Patient Testimonials


Dear Dr. Ruzzamenti,

Just quick note to:

  1. Say thank you for being my dentist and
  2. To be clear – I want you to know that the book of photos in your waiting room put my mind at rest.   I realize now, that we don’t “see” the good ones- only the “…not so good ones.” – The whole issue fades for me after seeing your work!

Thank you!!
Emmy M.

Dear Friends at Vineyard Valley Dental,

First I want to say 'Happy Father's Day" to Dr. Ruzzamenti. He is a natural as a father figure, a quality we all appreciate in one who cares for our health isn't it? Secondly, thank you for the lottery tickets, but I feel I won the lottery when I first came into your office in 2005 and met the staff, most of whom are still there and who feel like family now. When I refer a friend to Vineyard Valley Dental it is because good dental care is one of the most important factors in staying healthy-110d that includes my mental health. Most of my friends are frankly fearful of dealing with their dental problems.

To me, nothing is scarier than the prospect of unresolved dental issues, and Dr. Ruzzamenti has proven to me again and again that my fears are unfounded. His expertise in operating the computer programs that allow the formation of permanent crowns right there in the office is absolutely a dream come true. That way I can get my tooth filled, fitted with a crown and emerge with the crown in place, all in just one visit.

Not just that, but it's painless. The friendly atmosphere in the office contributes by making me relaxed I'm sure, but I'm also sure Dr. Ruzzamenti stays up to date on all the best methods of treatment. The last time I had a tooth filled, which was in May, there was no "pinch" with the administration of the Novocain and I felt absolutely nothing while the teeth were drilled, filled, and fitted with a crown- not even pressure, let alone pain.  Now that's miraculous!

Okay, he doesn't walk on water. My lottery tickets didn't give me a prize either. And you wanted me to type this into a format that just am not comfortable using – I’ll never be a fun of the internet-just give me an 8-1/2 X 11 sheet of paper and I'm good to go. Thank you for my beautiful, perfect teeth. And thank you for your generosity. I'm more than happy to refer my friends to you. I love you all and I'll see you again soon.

Nancy L.

Dear Dr. Ruzzamenti,

Joan H. is a patient of ours who you have seen in the past for a couple of Cerec restorations--Im very impressed by your skill and technique. When Joan visits her sister in your area in the future would you complete her remaining treatment utilizing the Cerec technology. Thanks for your help.

Dr. Bethards DDS--Washington

After suffering from severe migraine and tension headaches for over 15 years, I have finally found something that prevents the pain. I have tried many medications and other devices, but the NTI (nightgaurd) has greatly improved my quality of life.

Jennifer S.

Hi Dr. Ruzzamenti and staff,

It is my pleasure to write this note for prospective patients seeking references. I do this out of gratitude, because so many people compliment me on the outstanding appearance, I now have as a result of the excellent restorative dental treatment I received from your care.

My dentist is Dr. John Ruzzamenti work (951) 296-3358 email [email protected] I went to some 9 dentists to screen them to do my work, which was extremely extensive, because of most teeth being damaged and crooked as well. I didn’t want an inexpensive, cheap job, but I also didn’t want to pay fees that were far greater than what seemed to be the norm. I screened not only the dentist, but their staff as well. Dr. Ruzzamenti and his staff stood out as the best choice of all my screenings. The staff at Ruzzamenti’s is a ten, as well as Dr. Ruzzamenti. When I was a teen, I considered, office location, staff and doctor courtesy, promptness, hygiene of staff and facilities, fees and payment plans, up to date on current dental treatment methods, quality of work and an articulate way to convey what is to be done, diversity of capabilities, sensitivity to pain potentials and the ability to dental with pain issues, appointment flexibility, ambiance and any sense of “time stress”. You will be very positively impressed with your experience.

Dr. Paul J. W.

Dear Dr. Ruzzamenti,

A couple of weeks ago I was in your office getting a crown and a filling replaced. As unpleasant as the procedure was, you and your staff went out of your way to put me at ease. Allowing me to borrow your portable CD player drowned out the drill and the sunglasses shaded my eyes, so I could truly relax. I was thoroughly impressed with you professionalism and kindness as you talked me through the procedure. To top it all off, your checkup phone call the next day was the first I have ever gotten from any dentist. Thank you so much for being the exceptional dentist you are! Enjoy the holidays and New Year with your family.
Trista S.

Dear Dr. Ruzzamenti, Misty, Glenda, Traci, Sommer & Lori,

I just wanted to thank you all for making my first visit to your office such a pleasurable experience. I have never experienced such professional, thorough, caring, gentle (I could go on and on) experience during a dental appointment of all things. You all made me so comfortable. Thank you so very much!
Christine R.

Dr. Ruzzamenti, Summer & Office Staff,

I want to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and the caring you put into it. You're all very special people. Thank you!

Doreen W.

To the staff at Vineyard Valley Dental,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent care I received recently at your office. I have been reluctant to go to the dentist for years. My wife spoke with Dr. Ruzzamenti at her appointment regarding my fears. He advised her that he would make every effort to calm my nerves and make my visit pleasant. Dr Ruzzamenti and staff went above and beyond. I had a very pleasant experience and am no longer fearful of the dentist. You should all be commended for the excellent care and concern for your patients. Thank you so much.

Norm B.

Dear Dr. Ruzzamenti and wonderful staff,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me! In my pain, I’m sure I wasn’t the happiest patient you’ve had and you were all so loving and caring.
You are a marvelous tem and I never hesitate to tell everyone great things about you all!

Much Love,
Lora O.