How Same-Day Dental Implants Are Possible

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Permanent tooth loss can be devastating, affecting your appearance as well as your oral and overall health. Fortunately, dental implants give people the opportunity to fully restore their smile with a prosthetic replacement. There are many benefits to choosing dental implants to replace lost teeth, including:

  • Lower risks for bone loss
  • Natural-looking results
  • Protection from further damage to surrounding teeth
  • Improved digestion, speech, and overall comfort
  • Results that last a lifetime
  • More confidence in a beautiful smile

Traditional implants are a commitment because they often require multiple surgeries with months of healing in between. Fortunately, some people are able to receive same-day implants instead, which offer complete results in significantly less time.

Dental implants procedures

When it comes to receiving dental implants, many patients can choose from either a traditional approach or a same-day alternative. Both have their advantages and can be effective at treating tooth loss.

Traditional dental implants

Typically, tooth implant placement requires several major stages. First, all remnants of the lost or damaged tooth must be completely removed. Patients who have weakened or damaged jawbones may need a bone graft to strengthen or reinforce the implant area. Once the area is ready and healed, the implant is surgically inserted below the gum line. As the area heals over time, the implant fuses to the jawbone, creating a solid support for the prosthetic tooth.

Next, the abutment is surgically inserted and attached to the implant. Once the tissues around the abutment have properly healed, the prosthetic tooth cap (called a crown) is mounted in place, concluding the treatment process. From start to finish, most traditional implants take anywhere between six months to a year and a half to complete. The length of the treatment depends on a variety of factors, especially the speed at which the tissues heal, which can vary from patient to patient.

Same-day dental implants

With the exception of any necessary extractions or bone grafting in those with compromised jawbones, same-day dental implants combine three office visits into one single procedure. In this scenario, the implant, abutment, and crown are all placed at the same time. Dentists will use specific procedures and techniques to stabilize the entire structure during the healing process. This allows the patient to walk out of the office with visible results while reducing the overall recovery period.

Fewer surgeries and not having to wait months for a fully restored smile can be very appealing to people with tooth loss. However, you must be a good candidate for this type of procedure. It is also important to note that patients who receive same-day implants often experience inflammation and discomfort in the days after surgery. While the risk is relatively low, same-day implants may be more likely to fail than traditional ones.

Good candidates for same-day implants

If same-day implants sound like a good option to you, keep in mind that you must meet the prerequisites for this type of procedure. Your dentist can help you determine if the same-day route is a good choice for your individual situation.

Oral health

Your teeth and gums should be in good condition before getting a same-day implant. The presence of serious gum disease or tooth decay could affect the success of the treatment. Poor oral hygiene can slow healing time and increase your risks for infection during recovery. Patients who chronically clench or grind their teeth could damage the implant and may need to seek alternative treatment options.

Smoking habits

People who smoke or use chewing tobacco are usually not good candidates for any type of implant procedure. The nicotine in these products reduces blood flow to the tissues of the mouth. This can prevent timely and adequate healing after surgery and can cause many other oral health problems.

Preexisting conditions

Procedures that require an incision carry with them a small risk for infection. People with certain conditions that put them more at risk for infection, such as certain autoimmune diseases, might not be good candidates for same-day dental implants. Talk with a dentist about your medical history and all past diagnoses to determine if there may be an issue.


Same-day implants allow patients with missing teeth to restore their smile in just one all-inclusive procedure. This approach reduces the number of surgeries as well as the overall healing time. However, patients should have excellent oral health with no preexisting conditions or habits that will increase the risks of complications or implant failure. Talk with a dentist today to find out if same-day dental implants are right for you.

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