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By Vineyard Valley Dental, Inc.
June 27, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
cosmetic dentistryToo many people have the wrong idea about cosmetic dentistry. Unfortunately, when people shy away from cosmetic dentistry due to common misconceptions, they end up missing out on easy, safe and affordable ways to enhance their smiles repair their teeth’s function and improve their overall appearance.
We’ve cleared up some of these common misconceptions below to give you a better, more accurate picture of cosmetic dentistry and all of its benefits.

1. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t affordable.

When people think of cosmetic dentistry, many think that like plastic surgery—it’s expensive. The good news is that many cosmetic dental procedures are very affordable, and may even be covered by your insurance. Our practice offers many affordable payment options for every budget that allows patients to achieve the smile they deserve from their Temecula cosmetic dentist without breaking their wallet.

2. Cosmetic procedures are harmful to teeth.

This myth could not be farther from the truth. Cosmetic procedures offer benefits far beyond improved aesthetics. Performed by a trained cosmetic dentist in Temecula, treatments are both safe and effective, and actually promote health. They also aim to repair and restore problematic teeth, preserve the integrity of teeth and promote good overall dental health.

3. Store bought products produce the same results.

You can certainly purchase DIY dental treatments at your local convenient store, but chances are you will be disappointed with the results. For instance, you can purchase teeth whitening strips at the drugstore, but don’t count on results to be noticeable or lasting. Store bought products can’t deliver the powerful results you can only achieve from a skilled cosmetic dentist.

4. Cosmetic dentistry requires too much time.

Like any dental procedure, some will be more time-intensive than others depending on the extent of the treatment. However, thanks to advances in the field and the numerous cosmetic treatment options available, most procedures require only one or a few appointments. In fact, some can be completed in as little as an hour! Others like teeth whitening and Invisalign can even be applied from the comfort of home, making them ideal options for busy patients.
Remember, not every dentist is qualified to provide cosmetic dentistry in Temecula. Dr. Ruzzzamenti has received a higher level of training in the field to learn the most advanced techniques, which guarantees optimal results for his patients.
As you can see, many misconceptions surrounding cosmetic dentistry are just that—myths! Don’t allow false information keep you from getting the improved smile you deserve! Dr. Ruzzamenti is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist in Temecula. He will work with you to understand your goals for treatment and help you decide on the best procedure for you.
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